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Above the waterline

Above the Waterline is the real world, the world we can see and touch. The world of boats and burgees, of sailing and signals and all manner of nautical things.

The collections I develop under this theme are all tangible representations of aspects of life at or by the sea. As a strictly fair weather sailor myself, I rely on the old seadog (my husband) for ideas for the former, and the beach goddess (me!) for the latter.

The current collection is based on Code Flags – and for the less marine-minded of you, you’ll be glad to know we’ve included a simple interactive search device to make sure you say what you mean and don’t end up in hot water!

If you’ve got any ideas for new collections in the Above the Waterline theme, it would be great to hear from you.


All designs © 2002 DJ Miller.
photographs by Patrick Eden www.patrickeden.co.uk