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Below the waterline
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Below the Waterline

Below the Waterline, nothing is ever quite as it seems. Certainties become indistinct, lines and colours blur and blend and imagination and emotion have free reign.

The pieces I design under this theme represent nautical and marine themes but in a more abstract and imaginative way. Where Above the Waterline pieces are authentic and detailed replicas of things that exist in the real world, these pieces are created from my imagination and love of the sea.

Most of these pieces are developed as unique commissions for individual clients, but I also have a number of existing designs available for order, as featured here. Prices obviously vary depending on final specification but I have given guide prices alongside the pieces shown as an indication. Please contact me if you think you might be interested in something from Below the Waterline – no obligation and no pressure, I assure you!

All designs © 2002 DJ Miller.
photographs by Patrick Eden www.patrickeden.co.uk